Raven Symone Lesbian Scandal: “My Sexuality is None of Your Business!”

We never would have taken Little Raven Symone for a Lady Lover, but that’s certainly the tale The National Enquirer is spinning about the former Disney star. The tabloid has blown the lid off of a salacious scoop which claims that the actress is a closeted lesbian and currently in a relationship with an openly gay woman who competed on the last season of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).

Here’s the scoop: Tattling tipsters say Raven — who made her mark with lead roles on TV’s The Cosby Show, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and That’s So Raven — is sharing her posh Manhattan pad with ANTM alum AzMarie Livingston.

An Enquirer source divulged:

“Raven has hidden being gay for a long time now. But about a year ago, she was introduced by a friend to AzMarie, who is absolutely gorgeous. The two began seeing each other, and a few months ago, Raven finally got the nerve to ask her to move into her lavish Manhattan condo. When her family found out, they blew their stack and it’s created a gay scandal for Raven.”

On Thursday, the star of Broadway’s Sister Act hit her Twitter page to deliver a spirited “None of Ur Beeswax” in response to all of the chatter about the goings-on in her bedroom. Symone tweeted:

“My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating’s to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life. However that is my right as a HUMAN Being whether straight or gay. To tell or not to tell. As long as I’m not harming anyone.”

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