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This mobile dating app lets you rate and rank your dates


RaterDater App

Before the internet was a thing there was the little black book. It was the place where you stored the phone numbers of your dates and potential dates, called up friends and flings for booty calls, and bragged to your friends about your dating life.

With the popular increase in the internet, the little black book has become more advanced and a hell of lot more useful.

The RaterDater app allows users to set their own customized criteria for ranking dating prospects.

Using the apps customized criteria, you can store your prospects, make notes about them and even add other dates that may affect their ranking.

We live in the Tinder age and for many people that means going on a lot more dates before they find “the one.” I have a friend who recently told me she went on 85 dates last year. With all those dates she couldn’t possibly keep track of potential boyfriends.

RaterDater bills itself as a solid way to analyze your compatibility with a multitude of people, making it easier to cut through the bad dates and find people you might like to connect with for a second or third chance at love.

Here’s a montage of screenshots from the app:


As you can see the app allows users to add “must haves” and “nice to haves” along with a spot for a “major bonus.”

The app rates your dates based on a point scale you have created and the notes section is great for quick reminders about important parts of your date.

You can even put in the location of your first date and note if you met the person online, over the phone, or in person.

If you’re hoping to keep information private, the app features a username and login screen.

It’s pretty amazing how far the little black book has come over the years.

Here’s a quick video of the RaterDater app:

Some users might disagree with the idea of rating dates on a point scale, but let’s face it, if you met on Tinder or Blendr, or some other social media based app, they rated you before you even sat down to meet.

RaterDater is available for iOS and Android and it costs $1.99.

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