Rachel Uchitel, Former Tiger Mistress, Kicked Off Steppin’ Out Magazine Photoshoot

Rachel Uchitel, the former Manhattan party hostess romantically-linked to womanizing celebs like Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz, was tossed off a photoshoot in New York last week after she dished out diva demands in Full Bitch Mode and refused to leave her dressing room, spywitnesses tell The Examiner.

Uchitel — who is being treated for “love addiction” (Cough*Bullshit*Cough) on the new season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew — had agreed to stripped down and pose nude for the next issue of Steppin’ Out Magazine.

In an email from the magazine’s editor, Chaunce Hayden, sent to a host of celeb goss watchers, Rachel is accused of demanding a room at the luxury Four Seasons Hotel, as well as limousine service, and “an entire showroom” worth of designer clothing. In addition, Uchitel, 36, demanded full control of the photoshoot, full photo approval, full editorial approval, and the right to look over all questions before they were asked. Hayden further claims that the socialite spent more than two hours in hair and makeup and declined to try on any of the clothes that were provided for her by the magazine. After several hours of refusing to leave her dressing room, Hayden said he asked the socialite to leave,

But the drama didn’t stop there.

“I hope that you die in a terrible car accident. I would be thrilled to hear those reports,” Hayden maliciously taunted in a voicemail left for Uchitel, which was later leaked to RadarOnline.com. “I hate you. I wish it was you that died in 9/11 and not your fiance, and I don’t even believe he’s dead…If your husband didn’t die in 9/11 I’m sure he would have killed himself like your junkie Dad.”

He continued: “Basically, I think you’re a bitch. I read on the Internet you’re a whore. I don’t know if you are a whore, but if you are a whore I’ve met whores in my life that blow you away so you’d be on the lower end of the whore chain if you are a whore. You look like a drowned rat in person. I think what you did was just one of the most evil, disgusting things anyone has ever done.”

When approached about the audio by Radar, Hayden stood by his tirade: “I think she’s slime, and I told her so. I told her what I thought of her. If that’s against the law so be it. Put me in jail.”

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