Rachel McAdams Says She Was A Little Scared Of Co-Star Jake Gyllenhaal’s Buff Body In ‘Southpaw’


Rachel McAdams is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to sharing her feelings regarding her male co-stars. While many people will find the insanely ripped body of Jake Gyllenhaal for Southpaw sexy, she admits that it also scared her a bit.

The film has been talked about since Gyllenhaal’s recent Oscar snub for Nightcrawler, and some people think that he could get redemption with his next role. In Southpaw, he plays a boxer and looks almost unrecognizable in the role.

McAdams discussed her thoughts when seeing how he looked for the role when saying that he wasn’t just sexy but also said, “I was a little scared too! He’s a beast. He’s a real animal. I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t totally comment but just watching from the sidelines he just worked so hard. I think his work is going to reflect that. It was extraordinary.”

Rachel McAdams revealed the info at a recent West Hollywood screening for her most recent film, Aloha. She is shaping up to have quite a year with Aloha debuting in theaters today, boasting an all-star cast that also includes Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Bill Murray, with direction from Cameron Crowe.

In her next film, she will play Gyllenhaal’s character’s wife, in a film about a boxer who continues to fight his way to the top as his life crumbles around him. The cast also includes Rita Ora, Forest Whitaker, and Naomie Harris.

In order to create Gyllenhaal’s scary looking buff body, he has had quite a workout routine in order to beef up. His workout routine included 6-hour workouts, 2000 sit-ups and gaining lots of muscle.

Rachel McAdams also referred to him as a machine and said that he would run eight miles every day and then run more and rehearse after all that. Southpaw is set to hit theaters this summer.

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