Rachael Ray Book: Rachael Ray Tell-All $3 Million

Daytime’s culinary extraordinaire is shopping a tell-all book that could serve up a healthy helping about her troubled childhood, past struggles with alcohol, and a bizarre sex life with husband John Cusimano.

Rachael Ray has approached several publishers with a proposal for the blockbuster tale, which could earn her a $3 million advance, the National Enquirer reports.

“Rachael has kept a diary all her life, and she’s talked about writing a memoir, so it stands to reason she’d finally go through with it,” a publishing insider tells the tab.

Publishers have explained to Rachael that in order for a tell-all to hit the Best-Sellers List she “will have to write about her personal life, not her career…”

“If Rachael decides to reveal down and dirty details about her life and not jut gloss over them, she’ll earn an advance of $3 million, but she’ll have to drop the perky shell she wears on TV and deliver on her dysfunctional childhood and marriage.”

“The book seems to be about Rachael wanting to get some things off her chest. She apparently believes that revealing her personal struggles will help win over her critics. She may be ready to finally tell her side.”

The 39-year-old television chef is considering spilling the beans on her struggle with drinking while still an underage undergrad at NYC’s Pace University.

“We were too young to drink, but that didn’t stop us. We were pretty smashed on rum and Coke,” a former college boyfriend of Rachael’s says.

Oprah Winfrey’s protege also plans to revisit a pair of muggings-by the same man-outside her Flushing, New York apartment in the 1980s.

“Rachael plans on discussing the muggings and how she had ‘issues with men’ because of the attacks,” the publisher’s spy claims.

And in what could be the most explosive revelation of all, Rachael is expected to tell-all about husband John’s penchant for kinky sex.

“Rachael is being asked to tell what’s really gone on-and word has come back that John is into ‘bondage.’ Readers may find out how Rachael feels about the fetish. Since she hasn’t divorced him, she may accept it.”

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