Quinnipiac University Connecticut Implements Plan To Protect Letterman Interns

Administrators at a Connecticut college are set to implement a new scheme to protect student interns working on the Late Show with David Letterman.
David Letterman Extortion

Earlier this month, the CBS late night comic was forced to confess to a string of affairs with at least eight female interns and staffers, following a botched extortion attempt. The news stunned officials at Quinnipiac University, who often send broadcast journalism majors to nearby New York City to intern on Letterman’s Late Show.

The college says it will tell staff in charge of placing interns to be particularly careful when sending students to the historic Ed Sullivan Theater.

“Due to recent circumstances we will have a discussion with those in charge of placing our interns at the David Letterman show in the future,” a rep from Quinnipac told TMZ.com overnight. “We will diligently oversee this internship program to ensure that our interns are out of harms’s way.”

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