Psychiatrist Planned Britney Spears Hospitalization

Britney Spears’ psychiatrist has been secretly planning to have the popwreck admitted to the psychiatric unit of UCLA Medical Center for quite some time, according to a Los Angeles Times report. The L.A Times reports that Britney’s admittance was actually a carefully planned event that had been orchestrated over time.

A motorcade of over a dozen law enforcement vehicles followed an ambulance containing Britney to UCLA as she was admitted to the hospital shortly after one a.m on Thursday morning.

Britney was persuaded to go to the hospital after her psychiatrist told her she could truly be a danger to others, an insider tells Life & Style. “The shrink went to Britney’s house and explained to her, ‘Honey, after 60 hours without sleep you can start to hallucinate. If you’re out there driving around under those conditions, you are a danger to other people on the road. You’ve got to go to the hospital for help.'”

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