Provocative Pop Star Wants Kids

CREDIT: VALERIE GOODLOE / GLOBEJanet Jackson, whose upcoming album 20 Years Old is slated for release September 26, has apparently changed her mind about children.

“I would love to have kids,” Jackson, 40, reported on Friday during an Atlanta news conference. Apparently, her relationship with producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri has prompted her to rethink her ideas about raising children.

“I never thought I would ever want any, but being with Jermaine really changed my mind on all that,” Jackson said. “I wouldn’t mind adopting.”

While Jackson’s first two marriages failed, she seems confident about her relationship with Dupri. “I’ve always wanted to find love. Now that I found love, I’m in a different space,” Jackson professes.

While the pop star seems to have a family-friendly attitude about her now, her upcoming album still has the same sexually-charged lyrics you can find on her previous work.

“I enjoy talking about it, it shouldn’t be any different than before.” Well, I think we know where Janet stands!

Read more about her new attitude here.

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