Professionals Join Search For Jessica Simpson’s Missing Dog

The hunt for Daisy The Dog continues days after Jessica Simpson’s beloved 5-year-old Maltese Poodle disappeared in the mouth of a wild coyote.

Daisy hasn’t been seen since.


After first spreading the word on Twitter, Jessica called in a team of professionals to bring her pooch home. The grief-stricken star has enlisted the assistance of, a dog finding service that power dials Jessica’s neighbors in Encino, with the hope that someone finds Daisy alive. reports that the Daisy search party has only received one tip, but it was a false alarm for a pitbul, not the missing Maltipoo.

We sure hope Daisy is okay, but snatched by a coyote? C’mon!! This ain’t lookin’ promising! Wild animals don’t make off with domestic pets for playtime. Sadly, Daisy was probably the main entree on last night’s dinner menu…..Nonetheless, our thoughts and prayers go out to Jessica and Daisy.

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