Princess Di Memorial Concert

DiTen years after her tragic death, the most loved Princess of all time has not been forgotten. To commemorate her life, her two sons Princes William and Harry have organized a concert. It will be held on July 1st at the Wembley Stadium in London. According to a spokesperson for the princes, the 22,500 tickets that were released on December 13 were sold out in no more than 20 minutes! If that isn’t an indication of how well-loved this princess was, I don’t know what is! Well, actually, I think that the fact that e-bay has disallowed the resale of tickets on their site as a sign of respect for the Princess might run a close second!

Acts to perform during the concert of course include Sir Elton John. Most anyone will remember that he sang “Candle in the Wind” during Princess Di’s funeral. When she was alive, the princess repeatedly hailed Duran Duran as her favorite band and it is just fitting that they be present at the gig too. Other notables are Andrew Lloyd Webber and the English National Ballet.

This mother would have been so proud of her boys had she been alive to witness such an event. The two princes even went as far as trying to have the family put up a solid front for the memorial services. They stated repeatedly that they want both sides of the family to be present. Whether or not they actually do this, the fact remains that there are still countless people out there clamoring for tickets. The official site says that there might be more coming out next year. Keep your fingers crossed.

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