Prince Harry Turns The Big 3-0!


Party at the Palace.

Prince Harry has turned the big 3-0 today and it has been rumored that some of his closest friends are throwing him a huge bash and have a “surprise entertainment” planned a source tells PEOPLE. Unfortunately, the party has been postponed due to the recent news that his sister-in-law Kate Middleton is expecting and needs to rest during her first trimester, and she is one of the big party planners. Harry felt that it would be ‘inappropriate’ to celebrate without her. “Kate had been very involved in organizing Harry’s party, and once she fell ill he felt it wrong to let the event go ahead,” an insider said.

At the ripe old age of 30, Harry now has full access to the $16 million his late mother,  Princess Diana, left him. He currently earns $35,000-$45,000 a year as captain in the army.

Although some think that he may squander some of it to booze, partying, and now that he’s single, girls, some family friends have told PEOPLE that Harry is starting to mature and evolve into a thoughtful leader with huge charisma.

“You could parachute him into anywhere, and he is a magnet… People want to talk to him and he wants to talk to them and have a laugh. But give him a serious job to do, and there is no chance of him being frivolous.”

In honor of his 30th birthday and his change of ways, here are our top 30 favorite photos of Prince Harry.

prince-harry-2prince-harry-barbadosPrince Harry visits Africaprince-harry-dogprince-harry-funny-faceprince-harry-gqprince-harry-little-boyprince-harry-mad-doggingBGC Partners Charity Dayprince-harry-princess-dianaprince-harry-youngprince-harry-catching-footballprince-harry-hatprince-harry-hornprince-harry-jamaicaprince-harry-laughingprince-harry-and-prince-williamprince-harry-laughprince-harry-uniform-2prince-harry-and-prince-william-kidsprince-harryprince-harry-uniformprince-harry-finger-pointingPrincipe-Harry-prince-harry-of-walesprince-harryPrince-Harry-footballprince-harry-shirtlessprince-harry-doggieprince-harry-funnyPrince Harry visit to Maseru District, Lesotho - 27 Feb 2013





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