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Prince Harry was born in 1983 to parents Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Despite what must have been a surreal upbringing, he seems like a likeable sort, enlisting in the military when he became of age. Harry has also been a tabloid fixture in the UK for years. Harry was only 12 when his mother died, and the UK press agreed to leave him and William alone for the rest of their schooling years, but that quickly dropped to the wayside once he turned 18. Harry has an image as a partying type, but he also seems to have a large heart, often talking about his mother’s good works and founding a charity to support children with AIDS, a cause his mother had also taken up. He once said of his mother:

“She will always be remembered for her amazing public work. But behind the media glare, to us, just two loving children, she was quite simply the best mother in the world. We would say that wouldn’t we. But we miss her. She kissed us last thing at night. Her beaming smile greeted us from school. She laughed hysterically and uncontrollably when sharing something silly she might have said or done that day. She encouraged us when we were nervous or unsure.”

Harry is currently dating a wealthy blonde named Chelsy Davy. Enjoy our picture gallery of Harry through the years as he’s grown, always in the public eye, from a small boy into a man.
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