Things That Make You Go “Oh Hell Yes!” “Pretty Woman” on Broadway


Can you believe it’s been nearly 25 years since Julia Roberts strapped on thigh-high boots and a Carol Channing wig to play Vivian — a Hollywood hooker with a heart of gold — in the 1990 hit Pretty Woman?

The quintessential romcom boosted Richard Gere’s then-sluggish film career and turned future Oscar winner Julia Roberts into the “It Girl” of the 1990s. (We bet Molly Ringwald is still kicking herself for turning down that gig.)

And since every other ’80s smash from Robocop to Steel Magnolias has been rebooted in recent years, the Hollywood bigwigs have naturally decided that it’s about time Pretty Woman made a reappearance too.

This time as a musical.

That’s right: the story of the wealthy businessman and the lady of the night who steals his heart is being developed for the Broadway stage. It’s already turning into quite an affair: Richard and Julia won’t be reprising their roles, but the film’s director, Garry Marshall, is on board along with original screenwriter JF Lawton.

Several New York composers and lyricists are in line to provide the score. Though, we must say, Roy Orbison and Prince are tough acts to follow.

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