‘Pretty Little Liars’ Twitter Account Makes Big, Ugly Mistake

Pretty Little Liars fans have alternately rejoiced and despaired over the last couple weeks. At the culmination of the show’s season 5 finale, viewers finally learned the identity of the show’s shadowy and malicious character known only as “A.” It was a hollow victory for some who thought the solution to this riddle was contrived, and for others, they thought it was sort of offensive that the villain was a transgender person at all.

In case you haven’t heard, the show’s villain is a transgender girl formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis, and who now identifies as a woman with the name CeCe Drake. The show’s big reveal was controversial and somewhat silly, because fans felt like the reveal didn’t make sense according to earlier clues. It was also controversial because it placed a trans person in the role of bad guy.

But now, ABC Family has gotten itself in very hot water for a poorly-worded Tweet. Methinks someone in the marketing department is getting the axe for this one:


The Tweet was offensive for calling a transgender person “it.” I need hardly explain why many took issue with this, especially since CeCe Drake is, undeniably, identifying as a woman. Why not simply use the female pronoun? Why was the person running this Twitter account so disrespectful to the basic use of correct pronouns? “IT?” Really?

To use the incorrect pronoun for a trans person is ignorant at best, hateful at worst. It shows incredible disrespect and misunderstanding for the plight of a person who has been hitherto unable to express their true self. But to use the pronoun “it” makes light of a very serious situation and reduces a trans person to a thing, and a thing to be gawked at, at that.

And then there was the blatant misuse of pronouns in the photo, as well. “Charlotte” is mentioned above, the character is a transwoman by the name of CeCe, and yet male pronouns are use three times in the graphic — alongside a picture of a woman, no less.

Luckily, there were many angry Tweeters online who called attention to this serious mistake. It was since deleted but the above screenshot will remain for posterity. Nothing we do online is ever forgotten.

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