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President Obama Washingtonian Magazine (Shirtless Cover Photo)



The President of the United States and his bare chest are gracing the May 2009 cover of Washingtonian Magazine.

It is a move some critics are calling disrespectful, asking if the magazine would have placed shirtless photos of a White president on its cover.

The cover photo was shot by members of the paparazzi while the then-President-elect was on vacation in his native Hawaii in late December. Washingtonian changed Obama’s bathing suit from black to red and edited out the background featured in the original photo.

“You have a buff president and the paparazzi like taking shirtless photos of him,” Garret Graff, Washingtonian’s Editor-At-Large told ABC News on Tuesday. The Prez is “really hot,” she added.

Obama ranks No. 2 in Washingtonian’s annual “Reasons We Love Washington” poll.

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