President Obama Reveals NCAA Bracket, Can You Guess Who He Picked To Win?

President Obama has publicly revealed his picks for the NCAA tournament yet again and with two No.1 seeds, he has a highly likely Final Four selected, according to the odds at least.

You might think that Obama has more important things to do as president rather than appearing on ESPN to pick who he thinks is going to win the NCAA tournament, but it can also be a good way for him to connect with people on a more personal level.

He has been known to make some bold predictions in the past, but everyone needs to in some cases right? Obama correctly picked the 2009 national champion, North Carolina, but despite getting in the 72.9 percentile overall, he was way off in his final prediction of Michigan State last year.

President Obama, as a die-hard basketball fan, tends to know what he is doing in most cases when it comes to picking his bracket, although that could be up for debate as well. His 2015 pick is Kentucky beating Villanova for the championship, with Kentucky beating Arizona and Villanova beating Duke in the Final Four in order to advance.

Someone has to pick the underdog because ever year March Madness is home to at least one Cinderella story, and last year Dayton surprised everyone as an 11 seed making it to the Elite Eight, advancing past powerhouse teams such as Ohio State and Syracuse.

The president certainly took note of Dayton’s past success, and knowing that the team returned their star players, is predicting them to win their first two games this year, upsetting a 6 seeded Providence in the second round.

Dayton is one of a handful of Obama’s major upsets in the first round, a list that includes Buffalo over West Virginia, Davidson over Iowa, Texas over Butler. Unfortunately, Obama has already picked one game incorrectly after BYU lost its opening-round game Tuesday to Ole Miss.

President Obama last major upset is one that no one may see coming, Northern Iowa, a team that a handful of experts and many fans are predicting may even go to the Final Four, Obama has losing in the first round to Wyoming. There are always a couple of big upsets, but what was he thinking with that pick? Could it really happen?

Tell US: How likely is Obama’s bracket to play out the way he predicted? Does anyone other than Kentucky even have a chance to win this year?

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