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Pregnancy and “Mundane” Questions Make Mila Kunis a Very Difficult Interview Subject


Well, this is like finding out the Easter bunny isn’t real…

The image of Mila Kunis as a pint-sized, down-to-Earth Hollywood starlet is about as shredded as her post-baby vagina (see interview with Marie Claire for further clarification) after the expectant mom unleashed Mama Bear hell on a shaken entertainment reporter earlier this month. Kunis — who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher later this year — slammed a New Jersey Star-Ledger journalist during a promotional interview for her new film, Third Person.

A bored Mila spent the next few minutes finding fault in nearly everything she was asked. In fact, at various point during the interview, the brunette summed the traumatic Q&A questions as “predictable,” “annoying” and “mundane.”

It all went downhill for scribe Stephen Whitty after his first question:

“How are you feeling?”

Mila is notoriously resentful of questions about her personal life — except for when she’s telling Marie Claire about her shredded vag or chatting with Ellen DeGeneres about sauerkraut. Kunis seemingly took “How are you feeling?” as a probe into her private life and immediately pounced:

“I don’t talk about that in publication.”

Taking her not-so-subtle hint, Whitty tried a non-pregnancy topic and moved to the Ukraine. Kunis and her family emigrated from the nation in the early 1990s; Whitty wanted the star’s thoughts on the current civil upheaval there.

Mila curtly replied:

“I’ve talked about me moving to America in a hundred interviews. It’s the most mundane subject possible.”

Next, Stephen tried a seemingly innocent angle, asking Mila how she got started in acting.

“Honestly asking a nine-year-old why, who knows? It was just a fun thing to do. There was nothing else to it. I don’t know if that’s the answer you’re fishing for.”

The cringeworthy back-and-forth continued when the journo tried to compliment Mila on making the transition from comedic acting to drama; as evidenced in the That ’70s Show’s actress’ work in Black Swan.

“People have this misconception that comedy’s easy.”

By the time the interview wrapped up, Whitty was so down in the dumps, he apologized. Kunis appeared to have a change of heart and reassured him that he hadn’t upset her:

“No, no, it was a good interview!”


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