Portia de Rossi Ellen DeGeneres Prenup

Maybe Kanye West should have a little talk with Ellen DeGeneres. The, who delivered the signature line “We want prenup. We want prenup” in his 2006 hit “Golddigger,” would be shocked to discover that the talk show goddess plans on marrying bombshell GF Portia de Rossi without one. Ellen is not requiring Portia to sign a prenuptial agreement because she finds the precautionary measure, designed to protect couple’s individual assets prior to marriage, “unromantic,” a new tabloid report claims.

According to Star Magazine:

The comedienne, 50, feels secure that her marriage to the 15-years-younger Portia will last.

Portia and Ellen will wed in California later this summer. But what are your thoughts on the rumor that Ellen’s not asking Portia to sign a prenup? Would you ever marry someone without a prenuptial agreement?

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