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Pornhub’s Bangfit wants you to hump your way to a healthy lifestyle


Pornhub game Bangfit

Pornhub and video games? Yeah we aren’t buying it either, but the company has released a sexercise app for your mobile device that it believes will guide you to an… ahem… explosive workout.

Bangfit from Pornhub

Leading a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for you and sitting in front of your computer screen increases the chances that you’ll eventually stumble upon PornHub or some other adult website throughout your day.

PornHub now offers a workout solution that even chair sitting viewers can take advantage of at any time of the day.

BangFit, the company says, is the “fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about.”

Pornhub Bangfit

To get started head to the Bangfit website and choose your “mode of play.”

Next you are required to download the accompanying app through BangFit’s mobile site, and choose your gender by keying the code into your phone.

After you have entered all of your information you are treated to a sexercise program which requires you to attach your smartphone to a belt around your waist. The better you time your strokes to the video on the screen, the higher your score.

You can even post your score on the website and share it with your friends. A great option for people who love oversharing.

BangFit Awards

The game is still in Beta and the developers at BangFit plan to offer a belt accessory to make your sexercise more fun and more easily accessible. For now, they offer a makeshift belt suggestion.

Are you ready to bang your way to flat abs? Check out this video that described the entire Bangfit process.

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