Glamour – Fashion & Beauty Magazine

Glamour is a woman’s magazine that writes on a variety of topics. Current fashion wear and fashion trends are highlighted. Hair and make up tips for day and evening are featured. General health and beauty topics are covered. The newest hair fads and make up tricks are analyzed and reviewed. A beauty tip for every problem can be found within Glamour’s pages.

Glamour is also the magazine for the environmentally and socially conscious woman. Glamour researches and reports on issues of moral and social import. The struggles of woman worldwide are revealed. The efforts of social movements are discussed. Enviromental concerns are addressed. Glamour provides avenues the readers can pursue to become involved. Current events that impact our world are usually included.

Besides covering important world issues, Glamour is also a self help guide. Women can find advice on every type of relationship from romantic to friendship, to family. Glamour also provides health advice and reports on important health issues confronting the population. Money advice and how to’s are also common columns. Professional advice is a staple of the magazine. Career advice and professionalism are often discussed.

Glamour is the socially conscious magazine that appeals to readers of all backgrounds. But Glamour also reports on the lighter side too. Entertainment is a regular feature. You will find informative articles on popular celebrities. The interviews with women in politics, music, movies, and television are always interesting. And you will enjoy the reports on sex and the inspirational stories.

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