Esquire – The Men’s Lifestyle Magazine

Esquire is a magazine for men. The original publications were geared towards a racier format. But the magazine has transformed into a publication for the educated and cultured man. Esquire features articles on a wide range of topics. The articles offered inside the pages of Esquire include travel, fashion, and product reviews. Interviews by women of interest to men are also featured.

Esquire magazine is considered a lifestyle magazine. You will find articles about interesting places to visit, bars to frequent, and drinks to try. Social and political commentaries are frequently found inside the magazine. Informative and interesting reviews are written concerning various topics from violence and guns to music and museums. Even some sports topics are covered.

As the magazine for the cultured and educated man, Esquire touches on literary and intellectual subjects. Books are often introduced and summarized. Esquire recommends and promotes certain works of fiction and authors for their readership. You will even find articles on what to do before you read the books recommended. And of course, the magazine includes the annual “Dubious Achievement Awards” recounting the bizarre and unusual news of the year.

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