Cameron Diaz Wants You to Have Sex, for Health Reasons of Course


Cameron Diaz was chosen by Cosmopolitan UK to be featured on their cover. It’s no surprise either, considering her extremely good looks and amazing body. So it’s perfect that she would on the magazine for it’s “Love your Body” issue for April later this year. The 42-year-old shows us what she’s got by strutting her…

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They Are Twins Sisters, Yet One Is Black And The Other White


One girl has straight red hair with a light complexion and blue eyes. The other girl has a mass of curly hair, with a darker completion and her eyes are brown. With completely opposite looks it is hard to imagine that this beautiful duo are biological sisters, let alone that they are twins. The twin girls’ extreme…

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Teenage Girl Beaten To Death Then Set On Fire


A teenage girl was brutally beaten to death and set on fire in a market located in Nigeria after she was accused of being a suicide bomber. Police officers stated that there was a second teenage girl was also accused of being a suicide bomber, she was taken into custody at the Muda Lawal market, the…

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Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling Cries Over “The Casual Vacancy”

JK Rowling, author of the insanely popular Harry Potter series, recently had one of her other novels adapted for the small screen. The televised version of The Casual Vacancy was split into three parts, and Rowling watched, and cried, over the end. The Casual Vacancy, released in 2012, features the citizens of a small English village,…

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Man Gets Tape Roll Stuck In a Very Sensitive Place- Slightly NSFW


Social media is a good way to get advice. Relationship issues? Try asking someone on Facebook. Need help with a hairstyle? Instagram’s got your back. But what about those not-so-shareable situations, the ones that are so personal and embarrassing you can’t possibly let your friends now? Apparently you can ask 4chan- though at the risk…

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L’Oreal Honors Five Women For Their Scientific Research


L’Oreal on Tuesday revealed its five laureates for the 17th annual For Women in Science awards. The L’Oréal Foundation in partnership with UNESCO hosts the annual event to recognize the achievements of five female scientists. The women are located all over the world and each works in the physical sciences. The For Women in Science awards take place in…

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Celebrity Makeup artist & model Skye Johnson hangs with Popcrunch


We got a chance to sit down with beautiful Skye Johnson to discuss her celebrity makeup career, how she spends her mornings blazing and what she’s planning on doing for St. Patty’s Day. How long have your been modeling? I’m actually don’t label myself a model. I have done modeling on and off since I…

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Internet Hoax On Buckingham Palace?


A video clip has emerged claiming to show a naked man climbing down the side of Buckingham Palace on along bed sheet. The outlandish video quickly went  viral. The video depicts  two female tourists standing on Constitution Hill, right outside Green Park as the Changing of the Guard is simultaneously taking place. As the video…

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Allegations of a Sex Slave Come Into Question

correct stoning

Former friends of the woman who accused Jeffery Epstein of keeping her as his sex slave claims that she was actually a “money-hungry sex kitten” who enjoyed her lavish lifestyle.” Virginia Roberts, the alleged sex slave is currently in the middle of a lawsuit which claims she had been recruited to join Epstein’s harem of…

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Gaga Takes Icy Plunge


Lady Gaga and her fiance Taylor Kinney took the polar plunge. The recently engaged couple stripped down and took part in the Polar Plunge during freezing temperatures in Chicago yesterday. The couple joined 4,500 other participants including Vince Vaughn. who ran into chilly Lake Michigan for a fundraiser that is benefiting the Special Olympics. The Chicago actor carried Lady…

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Pastor Advocates Stoning of Homosexuals


Harlem Pastor James Manning is at it again. He is now calling for the return of stoning which, you guessed, is the practice burying a person in a hole with only their head out and throwing rocks at them until he or she dies! The pastor is suggesting that we especially stone “the homos,” claiming…

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Amber Rose’s Butt Called To The Stand


One of the most famous celebrity butts just might be silicone injected- just like the rest of Hollywood. Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife, had her name dropped in a court room when “Black Madam” (real name Padge-Victoria Windslowe) went on the stand and alleged that she gave Amber her bodacious butt. Windslowe, who goes by…

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44 A-List Celebrities Who Served In The Military

Military Service and Celebrities

When watching movies and TV shows it is easy to forget that our favorite A-list stars had lives before they became famous. For many actors and actresses, a life in the military was observed before they entered our movie theaters and homes. In some instances, famous movie and TV stars chose to join the Air Force,…

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SNL ISIS Skit Angers Viewers


Once again, Saturday Night Live pushed the limits with one of their sketches and causes controversy. The parody was of the recent My Bold Dad spot in which a father and daughter have a touching moment while he drops her off to join the military in his Toyota Camry. The original spot was aired during…

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Kid Rock Shades Queen Bey


Kid Rock picked with the wrong fans. Though never one to keep his thoughts in his head, the “Born Free” singer might have overstepped his bounds when he dissed Queen Bey. Rock went off on a shading spree on the 20 time Grammy winner, saying that he is “flabbergasted” with her popularity.   In an…

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Brownstone’s Charmayne Maxwell Found Dead


Charmayne Maxwell, from the 1990’s R&B group Brownstone has died after a mysterious and tragic fall. Maxwell was attending her son’s soccer game in Los Angeles right before she fell. Her death has been described as an “accident”, and no foul play is suspected. A family member has told sources that Charmayne had come home…

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Taylor Swift Is Going To Be a Single “Cat Lady”


Taylor Swift Is Going To Be a Single “Cat Lady” For the time being Taylor Swift is just focusing on her. So, for now, we can put all the “who is she dating now” questions to bed. The “Shake It Off” singer was recently interviewed by The Telegraph, where she told the world that she’s…

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Homeless Man Shot To Death By LAPD


What can only be described as disturbing, several Los Angeles police officers attacked and fatally shot a homeless man during a struggle Sunday. Outraged eyewitnesses caught the encounter on tape. The man, who witnesses referred to as “Africa,” was pronounced dead at the scene- according to the Los Angeles Times. The altercation took place around…

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