Police Called To Doug Reinhardt Home After Prank On Paris Hilton

Police have paid a visit to Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, The Hills’ Doug Reinhardt, for the second time this week, after neighbors in Reinhardt’s Hollywood community called the authorities complaining of screaming at the celebrity’s residence.

Cops from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at Reinhardt’s Hollywood Hills mansion at around 1AM Friday morning to intervene in what they believed to be a heated screaming match between the two, but Paris told the authorities that she was upset because she thought her beloved pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell had died.

The socialite tells TMZ.com she received an alarming prank call, who claimed her pet pooch had been run over and killed on Mulholland Drive.

Reinhardt and Hilton were questioned earlier this week after the cars of several neighbors were vandalized following a party at Paris’ home on Monday night.

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