Playgirl Snubs Charlie Sheen


Playgirl Magazine may be the only media outlet in America not clamoring for a piece of Charlie Sheen.

“The Bachelor” Jake Pavelka Nude For Playgirl

Miranda Kerr V Magazine Sexy Issue 2010

Hefner & Co. have made it abundantly clear that Vienna Girardi’s milkshake won’t be bringing the boys to the yard in any upcoming issues of Playboy, nonetheless the mag’s sister publication is expressing interest in the naughty bits of her former fiance, Bachelor star Jake Pavelka. Playgirl editor-in-chief Daniel Nardicio is prepared to offer the…

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Jon Gosselin Offered $20K To Get Naked In Playgirl

Sorry, Jon Gosselin, your peen doesn’t have six-figure selling power. The cash-strapped former star of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been offered a measly $20,000 to strip down in an upcoming issue of Playgirl. “We discussed it, and we’d offer him only $20,000,” Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio told Life & Style this week.

Scott Disick Playgirl Naked Centerfold Six-Figure Deal

Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick

If the thought of Patrick Bateman in his birthday suit really lights your fire, have we got news for you: Kourtney Kardashian’s bad boy baby daddy Scott Disick has been offered a six-figure deal to strip down in an upcoming issue of Playgirl, according to at least one new tabloid report.

Levi Johnston Playgirl Nude Cover Picture Revealed

Levi Johnston Nude On Playgirl

Levi Johnston’s much-hyped Playgirl cover finally hit newsstands Saturday ending months of speculation over whether on not the moose-shootin’ 19-year-old would give fans a sought-after penis shot. Word is he did not, but fans are still welcome to purchase a Winter 2010 issue of Playgirl to see Levi bare everything else. Johnston’s Playgirl photos have…

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Kevin Federline Playgirl Magazine Nude Centerfold

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Don’t look now, but Kevin Federline’s naked body may soon grace the pages of Playgirl. Now that the plumped-up K-Fed is shedding the pounds — thanks to an appearance on the upcoming season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club — the father of four is considering showing off his new and improved bod Levi Johnston-style with…

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Playgirl Won’t Publish Tiger Woods Nude Pics

A rep for Playgirl Magazine says the publication will not publish a series of photos that appear to show Tiger Woods nude. While Daniel Nardicio, the director of marketing for the online adult magazine, contends that Playgirl received photos of a man resembling the golfing ace, the mag has opted not to release them.

Levi Johnston’s Naughty Bits A Bust For Playgirl

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Somewhere out there, Sarah Palin is having a moose burger and laughing her ass off: Levi Johnston’s nude photoshoot for failed to live up to the hype. Last month, the estranged almost son-in-law of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin stripped down to show off his strapping barely-legal form for the popular gay-interest mag in…

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Levi Johnston Playgirl Pictures

Levi Johnston Playgirl Photos

The wait is over. The hotgirl-anticipated Levi Johnston Playgirl shoot arrived on (Site NSFW!) on Saturday. Twenty five images of the moose-shootin’ 19-year-old Alaskan debuted early this morning, with more to follow in the coming weeks. The images are only available to site subscribers. Levi, as you probably already know, rose to fame during…

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Levi Johnston Playgirl Pictures Expected By Month’s End; No Full Frontal Nudity

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Put your Rabbits away, ladies: Johnston’s johnson is staying under wraps. Fans of Levi Johnston will have a little something extra to be thankful for at the end of November, the former Palin in-law’s Playgirl photos will begin hitting the Interwebs by month’s end — minus one mayjah part of the Alaskan’s anatomy.

Levi Johnston Playgirl Centerfold Wins Sex Award

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We haven’t even seen Levi Johnston’s peen yet and already the guy’s winning an award for stripping! Adult website Fleshbot will present the 19-year-old Alaskan with the “Biggest Pop Culture Turned Sex Star” prize at its annual Fleshbot Awards — being held Nov. 11 at The Box in New York City — in celebration of…

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Brad Paisley Nude For Playgirl?

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Country hunk Brad Paisley won’t be ripping a page from the Book of Levi Johnston and baring all for Playgirl.

Levi Johnston Playgirl Magazine Nude Pictorial

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Levi Johnston — the self-professed redneck who dodged a major bullet when he avoided taking Sarah Palin on as his mother-in-law — is working out six days a week in preparation for his butt-baring centerfold on the pages of a upcoming issue of Playgirl Magazine. Dear God, he’s a baby…Brain Bleach! “Team Levi is in…

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Playgirl Magazine Folds: Playgirl Magazine Web January/February 2009

Playgirl’s editor-in-chief Nicole Caldwell has confirmed reports that the magazine will cease print operation and begin going “all-Web” early next year. “Playgirl is going all-Web. The last print issue will be the Jan/Feb 2009 magazine, which comes out Nov. 18,” Caldwell announced in an email released Monday.

Magazine Rebuffs Spencer Pratt Playgirl Centerfold Rumors

We Don’t Douches is how Playgirl Magazine is responding to In Touch Weekly’s recent scoop that Spencer Pratt is in talks to strip down to his bare essentials for a $1 million centerfold in the nudie mag. Trust us—you aren’t worth $1 million with your pants on, the magazine quipped in an entry on its…

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Nude Spencer Pratt Playgirl Magazine

File this under Not Safe While Eating. If the prospect of seeing a completely nude Brooke Hogan on the pages of Playboy Magazine didn’t leave you with nightmares, here’s something that might do the trick-Spencer Pratt…naked…for Playgirl.