Pink “So What” Music Video Shoot Pictures: Pink Sawing Tree “Alecia & Carey”

Pink isn’t taking this whole divorce thing very well. The Grammy-winning singer is seen sawing down a tree bearing a love heart containing her and estranged husband Carey Hart’s names in her new music video, “So What,” premiering next Friday on MTV’s FNMTV.

“I guess I just lost my husband. I don’t know where he went. So I’m gonna drink my money. I’m not gonna pay his rent (nope)… I hate marriage,” Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, bitterly sings in the breakup diss track.

“I don’t need you and guess what, I’m having more fun. And now that were done, I’m gonna show you tonight I’m alright. I’m just fine.”

Ironically motocross racer Carey, who tabloids accused of habitually cheating during his marriage to Pink, recently admitted he was hoping to reconcile with the singer.

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