Pinellas County Sheriff Nick Hogan Lawsuit: Nick Hogan Sues Pinellas County Leaked Jail Phone Calls

Nick Hogan filed suit against the Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff’s Department on Monday, accusing law enforcement officials of violating his right privacy. Lawyers for the seventeen year old son of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan claim correctional officers released recorded telephone calls between Nick and his parents, Hulk and Linda, without authorization.

Nick is serving eight months in jail after pleading no contest to causing the August 2007 car crash that seriously injured his friend, former Marine John Graziano. In a set of taped recordings leaked to the press two weeks ago, the Hogans can be heard blasting John as a “negative person” and accusing the Graziano family of being frauds. John has been in a persistent vegetative state since last Summer’s crash.

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