Piers Morgan Larry King Faceoff Over Jibes

Well…this was uncomfortable.

British journalist Piers Morgan verbally sparred with his CNN predecessor Larry King Wednesday, after the 77-year-old publicly criticized Morgan’s interviewing style and accused the network of “overselling” the Brit’s talents.


The trouble began with an interview on BBC Radio last week.

“He’s good, but not that dangerous. I think they might have been better off starting quietly,” said King — who hosted Larry King Live in Piers’ new timeslot for 25 years before “retiring” in December. “He’s certainly not bad. He’s certainly an acceptable host. He asks good questions, maybe he interrupts a little too much at times.”

The two broadcasting giants went head-to-head on Wednesday as King returned to CNN to be interviewed by Morgan, who confronted him about the remarks. King, nevertheless, stood his ground. Defending himself on Morgan’s show — Piers Morgan Tonight — King called the chat show host too soft.

“I haven’t seen you dangerous yet. I said you’re capable. This is what I think. Supposing we’re going to do four specials for CNN… first one’s in April, we’re still working on them. Supposing I said, ‘This first special will be the greatest special in the history of American television – the best – and dangerous.’ It can’t live up to that… Why can’t you just say, ‘Piers Morgan: I’m coming, watch me.’ ‘Piers Morgan starts next Monday.’ What’s wrong with that”

A defensive Piers piqued up with: “I suppose I’ve always oversold myself. I quite like doing that. It’s quite funny…..We couldn’t come in and undersell then… I’m following a legend. I can’t come in after Sinatra in Vegas and say, ‘By the way, this is not going to be very good.'”

Larry replied: “Aha, British humor. I didn’t get it. I’m from Brooklyn.”

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