Photo Of 10-Year-Old Brooke Shields Nude Goes On Display

A nude photograph of Brooke Shields at the age of ten will be displayed at the Tate Modern Gallery in London later this week. The decision to display the controversial photograph of the actress has shocked critics, who claim the work –entitled Spiritual America — could attract pedophiles to the gallery.

The 1983 image, shot by Richard Price, is actually a picture of an image taken in 1975 by artist Gary Cross. In it, a nude ten-year-old Brooke Shields, in heavy makeup, stands in a bath staring at the camera. The original photograph was taken after Cross hired young Brooke to be a model, allegedly with the permission of the star’s notorious stage mom, Terri.

The image will go on display Thursday as part of the Pop Life, Art In A Material World exhibition, which also features explicit sex acts and works made from the covers of X-rated magazines.

“Putting a sign on the door like that means every pedophile in the land will head straight to that room,” said Michele Elliott, founder of a children’s charity called Kidscape.

In 1981, Brooke lost a court battle to purchase the negatives.

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