Pete Wentz Purchases Hazardous $8,000 Train Set For Son Bronx

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Nothing but the best for The Bronx.

Douchey Doting dad Pete Wentz recently plopped down $8,000 (plus $500 for shipping) on a vintage 1930s train set for his six-month-old son Bronx — too bad the thing is a choking hazard!

Family friends say despite doing lots of research before selecting the special gift for his boy, the brainiac bassist forgot that the set’s small lights and tiny minature stations could be a death trap for a small child.

“Pete spent weeks finding the right set,” a Star Magazine source spills. “The only problem is that there are choking hazards because the pieces are so small,” the spy adds. “For now, it will have to be boxed away in the attic.”

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