PETA Olsen Twins Fur Wearing Controversy; PETA Anti-Olsen Twins Campaign ‘Trollsen Twins’

With Jennifer Lopez too pregnant to continuing squeezing into full-length mink coats, PETA have christened Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as their new Public Enemy Number One (and Two).

The animal rights group has dubbed the twenty-one year old sisters, “The Trollsen Twins.” PETA is furious they’ve “ignored pleas to stop wearing fur and using it in their fashion collection.” PETA is unveiling a campaign against the “fur fiends” — Mary- Kate (“Hairy Kate”) and Ashley (“Trashley”) — with a tag line: “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People.” The Trollsen Twins poster will be unveiled today at their Walk of Fame star in Los Angeles.

Visit PETA’s Anti-Olsen’s Site Here

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