Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones? It’s Yours For $600

Personalized Perfume

Do you miss your loved one? For $600 one entrepreneur is willing to make a perfume that smells just like your husband, wife, child, and any other deceased person who was close to you while they were alive.

Does the smell of cigarettes remind you of your recently deceased grandmother? Perhaps springtime reminds you of your father, if that’s the case you’re in luck.

The process is rather simple, just gather up some of your loved one’s personal items, such as clothing, pillow cases and other belongings and send them over to a chemist at the Universite du Havre. The chemist will then process these items to isolate scent particles, specifically, those that came directly from the person him or herself.

The sprayable fragrance isn’t cheap at approximately $600.

According to founder Katia Apaletegui, the company’s goal is to provide “olfactory comfort” to help people deal with the grief that usually follows the death of a loved one.

Apaletegui plans to officially launch his new company in September and she will have help from her son, a current business school student.

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