Perez Hilton John Mayer Kiss: Perez Hilton John Mayer Gay Kiss Denial

John Mayer is denying reports that he made out with gay blogger Perez Hilton at a New Year’s Eve party in New York last December. Perez has put the nortorious Hollywood womanizer on blast, claiming the pair shared a five-minute liplock, after growing tired of John’s blog attacks on him and his celebrity tattle blog.

Perez tells In Touch Weekly: “There was chemistry between John and I. He sang in my ear. It turned me on….John said, ‘I’m going to outdo Perez tonight,’ and kissed me for five minutes. I would definitely take a lie detector test and challenge him to take one, too, if he denies it.”

“This is completely ridiculous,” a rep for John Mayer says of the gay kiss rumors.

Perez acknowledged a crush on Mayer to the celebrity weekly, saying: “My friends have encouraged me to come forward and talk about it openly. Last week I wrote on my blog, ‘Hey John, we will always have that night at Stereo’ — and this is what I was referring to.”

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