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People Are Donating Money To Anti-Gay Indiana Pizzeria Memories Pizza


People Are Donating Money To Anti-Gay Indiana Pizzeria Memories Pizza

A reporter recently asked a member of Memories Pizza if their business would cater gay weddings and the business declined, citing religious reasons. The O’Connor family owns and operates the business in Walkerton, Indiana and as a result of their homophobic comments, their story has gone viral and potential customers are backing away from the business.

Thanks to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, businesses like Memories Pizza can refuse to offer their services to gay and lesbian couples. The law would provide businesses who deny services on the basis of sexual orientation using their religious beliefs as a shield a better legal standing should they be taken to court over discrimination. In a nutshell, the law is basically giving the okay for businesses to turn away homosexual customers because it’s against the business owners’ religious beliefs. Sadly enough, this law was recently signed by Governor Mike Pence last week.

Fast forward to today and apparently there are people in the world who find that Memories Pizza is actually the victim. After having said that they would choose to turn away business catering a gay wedding with their pizza, they have been boycotted, causing them financial harm.

To combat all of that financial harm these anti-gay folks are receiving, religious nutjobs can head on over to GoFundMe and donate their hard-earned money.

Dana Loesch interviewed Memories Pizza co-owner Crystal O’Connor on her show The Blaze and learned that they are unable to open their doors because of the media presence outside. In fact, she claims that they may never reopen their doors because of the negative impact that the original story has had.

Watch the video below:

Hysterically enough, someone actually bought the domain memoriespizza.com and posted this on the front page:

Don’t discriminate.
(It’s not nice.)
Also, in all seriousness, it’s really dumb to not own a domain name for your business. Especially after you spew stupid shit on TV.

The website is titled “Repeal RFRA” and rightfully so. There are measures being put into place to make sure that businesses cannot discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation, but it’s 2015, people. Get with the program. Honestly, I hope Memories Pizza stays closed for good.

TELL US: What’s your take on the Memories Pizza story?

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