Penny Marshall Brain Tumor; Penny Marshall Cancer?

UPDATE: An agent for Penny has denied the report that the star is sick with a brain tumor.

“Penny was in the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well and she was being checked out for the flu…She was released from the hospital and we can confirm that everything is fine. Penny is expected to attend the Yankee game tonight in New York.”

Beloved Laverne & Shirley star Penny Marshall, 66, is in the fight of her life after doctors discovered tumors on her brain and liver late last month.

Penny Marshall Brain Tumor

The 66-year-old producer and director – who also has a tumor on her liver – secretly underwent brain surgery at a New York City hospital on Oct. 30, The National Enquirer has learned.

“She was vomiting and thought it might be the flu,” a tipster reveals in the tabloid’s Nov. 16 issue. “But she got the shock of her life when the doctors told her she had a tumor on both her brain and her liver….Doctors told her they needed to schedule her for surgery and that they’d need to take a biopsy to determine if she had cancer.”

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