Paulina Gretzky Featured in Saucy Complex Magazine Spread

Wayne Gretzy’s hot daughter is spreadin’ ’em in a saucy spread for Complex magazine.

You can thank us later.

Paulina Gretzky has become quite the internet sensation in the past year — posting photos on Twitter to the delight of many male fans and attracting the attention of blogs around the world! All the attention has landed the blonde bombshell a spread on the pages of the August issue of Complex magazine.

If you ask Paulina, the only reason anyone is paying attention to her is because she’s the spawn of the greatest hockey player to ever skate on ice. (Although we think these sizzling shots might have something to do with it).

She tells Complex:

“I don’t think they’d care if I was anybody else. I’m a normal 23-year old. I know attention is part of the career I’ve chosen, but I wish I was presented in a different light. The rumor that my dad made me shut down my Twitter account is completely false. I want people to see that I’m intelligent. I’m not a bimbo.”

Shortly after her mini Twitter scandal, Paulina was caught out and abound in Hollywood wearing a very revealing outfit. More controversy followed:

“I had something in the back of my head telling me that maybe it was not a good idea to wear that outfit to dinner that night. Of course, the next day TMZ said that I was going to nightclubs in lingerie. I wasn’t. I was at a restaurant eating dinner with friends. That’s my biggest problem with it, that people are lying about what I’m doing. But I should have been more aware. I understand that. I just never had to censor myself before.”

Paulina has decided to put her raised profile to good use: She is focusing on her music career — working with Universal Music and trying to put a little distance between herself and her father’s legacy.

“My dad’s accomplishments are completely different than everything I’ve done with my life and the career path I want to take. What he’s done has only been inspirational for me.”

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