Paula Goodspeed Spirit “Haunting” House, Paula Abdul Says

Paula Abdul has been left so freaked out by the suicide of accused stalker Paula Goodspeed in front of her Beverly Hills home last week, the American Idol has reportedly refused to return to the house.

Paula insists the house is now “haunted” and has hired hiring “healers” to cleanse the dwelling of Goodspeed’s ghost, a pal of the “Forever Your Girl” singer revealed to the New York Post on Monday.

“[Paula Goodspeed] was a deranged stalker who sent her death threats. Paula instructed guards to keep Goodspeed away from her at all costs,” The Post source claims. “She refuses to stay at home because she fears that the spirit of Goodspeed is haunting her house. She feels like this is the absolute worst omen, a really bad curse . . . Paula is suffering. It is well known that she is emotionally fragile.”

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