Paula Deen Just Posed With Her Son Bobby In Brownface On Twitter


Paula Deen is still recovering from racist remarks she made years ago and now she is faced with an entirely new racist scenario. This time around Deen posed with her son Bobby, while wearing brownface.

Deen posted a Tweet on Tuesday in which she wrote “Lucyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do! @TransformationTuesday @BobbyDeen.”

The post has since been deleted from Twitter, but here it is for your viewing discomfort.

Paula Deen Racist Tweet Brownface with son Bobby Tweet

As you can see in the tweeted photo, Deen is dressed as Lucy from I Love Lucy and Bobby Deen as Lucy’s husband, Ricky, who was Latino.

Someone is in desperate need of a PR specialist. Paula Deen’s camp has not responded to requests for a comment at this time.

James Vanderhoff
James Vanderhoff is a former editor at http://www.popcrunch.com

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