Paula Deen Diabetes Secret Battle

Paula Deen has diabetes.

The same high-sugar, uber-fat-filled recipes that have made Paula Deen a Culinary Queen have also fueled the celebrity chef’s secret battle against the disease, friends say. According to the May 10 edition of The National Enquirer, those closest to the Food Network star, 64, say she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago, but continues to tout hock the very butter and sugar rich high-fat recipes that have been long linked to the onset of condition. After all, one of Deen’s most famous dishes is the Lady’s Brunch Burger — a hamburger topped with bacon and a fried egg and served on a glazed donut (Photographed Below…) It’s unhealthy snacks like those that made the former caterer from Georgia a household name, but may have also given her diabetes.

“When Paula was diagnosed with diabetes I think she was worried that if her secret got out, it would make her look like a hypocrite. Ironically, the very thing that made her rich and famous turned her into a poster child for what could happen if you follow in her footsteps.”

The girl loves her carbs. What are you gonna do about it? Paula’s love affair with fat has been a silent killer for some, says endocrinologist Dr Daniel Lorber.

“Diabetes can be deadly because it increases your risk of heart disease, kidney failure and stroke. And Type 2 diabetes can be directly related to obesity, which is reaching epidemic proportions in this country,” according to the MD.

After initially balking at the idea of modifying her diet, the bubbly Southerner ultimately took the advice of her health-conscious hubby, Michael Groover, and adopted a few healthier eating habits. Now pals can only hope she’ll inspire her fans to do the same.

“Hopefully she’ll come clean to her fans. Paula is so popular that her honesty could help people change their lives.”

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