Report: Paula Deen to Reveal She Has Diabetes

And in “Nobody Saw That Coming” News: Paula Deen, the Mistress of Artery-Clogging Southern Cuisine, reportedly plans to reveal that she does, in fact, suffer from diabetes.

How’s that for “Food for Thought?”

Frankly, we’re surprised it took this long.

With the headline “Paula’s Big Fat Secret,” The Daily is reporting that the Food Network star, best known for her beloved high-calorie cooking, is about to confess that she can no longer eat her own dishes because she suffers from the disease.

Deen, 64, has not addressed the buzz, which started in April when the National Enquirer reported she’d been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

According to the May 10 edition of the Enquirer, those closest to the star revealed she was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, but continued to tout and hock the very butter and sugar rich high-fat recipes that have been long linked to the onset of condition. After all, one of Deen’s most famous dishes is the Lady’s Brunch Burger — a hamburger topped with bacon and a fried egg and served on a glazed donut.

It’s unhealthy snacks like those that made the former caterer from Georgia a household name, but may have also given her diabetes.

“When Paula was diagnosed with diabetes I think she was worried that if her secret got out, it would make her look like a hypocrite. Ironically, the very thing that made her rich and famous turned her into a poster child for what could happen if you follow in her footsteps.”

Paula’s love affair with fat has been a silent killer for many, endocrinologist Dr Daniel Lorber told the tabloid.

“Diabetes can be deadly because it increases your risk of heart disease, kidney failure and stroke. And Type 2 diabetes can be directly related to obesity, which is reaching epidemic proportions in this country.”

The Daily says Deen plans to announce her condition soon because she has cooked up a lucrative deal with a pharmaceutical company to endorse the drug she’s presently taking.

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