Paul Pierce Trolled Drake And The Toronto Raptors Following The Wizards’ First Round Sweep

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Paul Pierce is no stranger to talking trash or taunting of his opponents and the conclusion to the first round match-up between the Wizards and the Raptors provided plenty of options for just that.

Pierce spent most of his career with the Boston Celtics but over the past couple of seasons, he has moved around to the Brooklyn Nets and now plays for the Washington Wizards. If their performance in the first round has any indication, they will be a force to get past if a team aims to get to the NBA finals.

Drake is a big supporter of the Toronto Raptors and clearly the biggest celebrity supporter of the team, given that they are located in Canada and don’t have a lot of Hollywood celebrities attending their games. Pierce took a big stab at the rapper with a powerful tweet signaling the official end to the Raptors’ season.

Paul Pierce will take any chance that he gets to embarrass an opponent or poke fun at the opposition and sometimes he seems to do it in the best way possible. He became an extreme foe for the Raptors in the past two postseasons as he helped to defeat them as a member of the Nets last year and then made some clutch shots to beat them as a member of the Wizards this season.

The Toronto Raptors were surprisingly the top team at one point during the season and even came into the first round match-up as the higher seed, but things went south quickly after that. A first round sweep is not that uncommon, but with the type of season that the Raptors have had, fans were certainly expecting more.

Prior to the jab at Drake, Pierce also posted this picture on his Facebook page in an effort to diss on the Raptors as a team with their slogan of “We The North.”

Paul Pierce may not be the biggest star on the Washington Wizards with younger guys like John Wall and Bradley Beal, but he is certainly making a difference on and off the court as the Wizards get ready for the next round of the playoffs. They will play either the Atlanta Hawks or the Brooklyn Nets, which could make things really interesting for Pierce.

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