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“Who Is Paul McCartney” Twitter Posts Were Intended As A Joke



On Friday Kanye West released his new song “Only One” co-produced and featuring Paul McCartney. Kanye fans took to twitter claiming how much they loved the song. What everyone is still talking about today are the tweets by some individuals who hilariously ask “Who is Paul McCartney?” “He boutta blow up thanks to Kanye.”

At first you laugh because how do you not know who Paul McCartney is, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re whole life. And then you’re like wait are they serious? Even Good Morning America did a short segment on the topic.

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But here’s the thing that so many people missed when reading the tweets, where exactly the tweets were coming from.


If you look at the Tweeter accounts of those who sent out the Paul McCartney tweets(@OVOJosh, @CurvedDaily, @Desusnice, @BaeAsHell, and others) you would notice they’re all from funny outspoken people who have a Twitter following. It was supposed to be all fun and games, but there were lots of people who didn’t get the joke and were pissed that our society was bringing up such musically ignorant youth.

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What people should be concerned about is the ignorance of the media. I mean everyone knows who The Beatles are. EVERYONE. And the majority of this planet has heard at least one of their songs. If you don’t know who someone as famous at Paul McCartney is I think the first step is not to tell the whole world how stupid you are and use Google for God sake.

Sources: Daily Mail, Noisey

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