Paul George Still Not Ready To Play, Could Force Pacers To Miss Playoffs


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Paul George has been out for much of the season and unable to play for the Indiana Pacers, but it does not look like he is ready to return anytime soon. The Pacers might be in serious trouble of missing out on the playoffs

The Pacers might be in serious trouble of missing out on the playoffs if he is not able to return soon, and the Pacers have been one of the top teams in the league for the past few years, which would certainly shake things up.

George broke his leg roughly 7 months ago and has been recovering from that injury ever since. He has been eager to return to the court, but recently stated that he does not want to push it, with no clear plan on when he can return.

Without Paul George, the Indiana Pacers have struggled for much of the season and are currently on a 5-game losing streak. The eastern conference as a whole is a bit of a joke when compared to the west if you think about the fact that the Pacers even have a possibility of making the playoffs with their current record of 30-39.

In a statement from Larry Bird, the Pacers’ president of basketball operations, he said, “Just because he’s cleared to play doesn’t mean he’s in shape to play. And I don’t want Paul to go out there until he feels comfortable with his conditioning and the way he’s practicing. I’d like to see him do a little bit better.”

After being given several different dates for a return to the court, he is hoping to make it back at some time during this season. He has been ruled out of today’s game against Houston, but with big games coming up against Washington, Milwaukee, and Dallas, the Pacers are hoping he will be back soon.

Paul George was unfortunately just one of many stars in the NBA that have suffered a major injury prior to or during the current season, which has had a drastic effect on certain teams, particularly the Thunder losing both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook at the beginning of the year.

Tell US: When do you think Paul George will finally make his return to the court and will it be too late?

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