Swayze Niece Marries Racist

Danielle Swazye is used to being in the public eye — after all, she’s the niece of late Dirty Dancing actor Patrick Swayze. But Danielle’s now fallen under public scrutiny for an entirely different reason: The 23-year-old recently wed a neo-Nazi linked to an assassination plot against President Barak Obama.

Danielle, who is the daughter of Patricks Swayze’s brother, Don, wed convicted felon Joshua Steever in August, after meeting him at a neo-Nazi event. According to The National Enquirer, Joshua has the word “Racist” tattooed on his forehead and a swastika inked in the corner of his right eye.

His professional accomplishments include being leader of the Supreme White Alliance –a group that allegedly tried to kill then Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in 2008 — and being arrested twice: once for deadly conduct and the second time for pulling a knife on three black high school students. Steever is also the self-appointed president of the Aryan Terror Bridge as well as the New Jersey representative of the neo-Nazi skinhead group Blood & Honor USA.

“In my opinion, Josh is a walking time bomb,” a former friend of the reputed racist tells The Enquirer. “I think he’s evil and filled with hate. He wouldn’t think twice about harming his wife — or anyone else. He openly brags about the violent acts he’s committed, and he’s so proud of his arrests that he commonly refers to his rap sheet as his ‘resume.'”

The source adds:

“…He was very close friends with Daniel Cowart, one of the guys behind the Obama assassination plot.”

The couple were determined to hide their marriage. Even Danielle’s estranged dad, a 53-year-old character actor, had no knowledge of the wedding.

“What marriage?” Swayze blurted out when The Enquirer called him for comment on their story. “Why would she marry a neo-Nazi? Are you sure? That is the stupidest thing, I’ve ever heard of…I had no idea she was getting married. And let me make it clear — I would never in a million years approve of her marrying a neo-Nazi.”

Though Danielle hasn’t spoken to Don in over five years, the blue-eyed blonde was particularly close to her Uncle Patrick, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2009. She even accompanied him to a play opening in 2005.

“To have a family member marry a Nazi skinhead would have made Patrick’s hair stand on end,” an Enquirer source says. “If he hadn’t already passed, this would have killed him.”

Danielle was livid when news of her marriage was reported by left-leaning website, One People’s Project. So how’d she respond? By posting a threat to Facebook saying she wanted to “exterminate” the “rat” who leaked the news.
In a posting on her Facebook page, a livid Swayze wrote:

“Alright Comrades…If anyone can find out info on…who is the little anti-informant…There’s a “skin” rat amongst us who needs to be exterminated.”

Well, doesn’t she sound like a lovely girl?

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