Jennifer Grey: “Patrick Swayze Was A Real Cowboy”

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Jennifer Grey, who appeared alongside Patrick Swayze in his 1987 breakout film Dirty Dancing, is remembering the late actor, who died Monday evening after a nearly two year battle against inoperable pancreatic cancer. “Patrick was a rare and beautiful combination of raw masculinity and amazing grace,” Jennifer said in a statement to The Insider overnight.…

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Demi Moore Remembers Patrick Swayze

Demi Moore has paid a touching tribute to late actor Patrick Swayze – using words from their 1990 movie Ghost. The Dirty Dancing star passed away on Monday in Los Angeles after losing his two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Swayze went public with the illness in early 2008 and underwent regular bouts of chemotherapy after…

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Patrick Swayze Has Died


Patrick Swayze Dead at 57 Patrick Swayze has finally succumbed to pancreatic cancer. He was 57 years old when he died. Swayze was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2008. Less than 5% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are still alive five years after diagnosis, so this day has been coming for awhile unfortunately.

Patrick Swayze Heart Attack?


Patrick Swayze has not suffered a heart attack, despite a report to the contrary featured in this week’s edition of The National Enquirer. Image Source A rep says the actor — who is battling pancreatic cancer — has been feeling better in recent months and even put on a few pounds “He’s well,” the rep…

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Patrick Swayze “The Beast” Cancelled

Patrick Swayze’s A&E drama won’t be back for a second season. The network has pulled the plug on The Beast — which starred the cancer-stricken actor as a rogue FBI agent — due to poor ratings, Variety has learned.

Patrick Swayze Dead? Patrick Swayze Death Rumors


Despite a report from KISS-FM radio station in Florida claiming that actor Patrick Swayze died early Tuesday, reps for the cancer-stricken star say he is alive and well, blasting the death claims as “categorically false.” “This is to confirm that Patrick Swayze did not pass away this morning contrary to severely reckless reports stemming from…

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Patrick Swayze 105 LBS (Photo)


If you haven’t seen Patrick Swayze lately, his appearance may shock you. The National Enquirer has released a series of (possibly doctored) photos documenting the significant weight loss the actor has suffered as the result of aggressive chemotherapy treatements to treat pancreatic cancer. The tabloid claims Patrick is down to just 105 lbs.

Patrick Swayze Near Death Tabloid Reports Dispelled


Patrick Swayze is firing back at tabloid reports that he is losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. This week’s edition of The National Enquirer featured a photo of a thin Patrick, taken as the star was leaving a doctor’s office on March 3, under the headline “The End.” The End? Not hardly, Patrick says.

Patrick Swayze Memoir; Patrick Swayze Writing Book

People Swayze Walters

Patrick Swayze is penning his memoirs–with a little help from the love of his life. According to ,Entertainment Weekly the cancer-stricken Beast star is currently accepting offers from publishers interested in purchasing the rights to his life story, which will be co-written with his wife of 32 years, Lisa. No word yet on when the…

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Patrick Swayze Pneumonia


Patrick Swayze has been hospitalized with pneumonia, it was revealed at a press event for the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles on Friday.

Patrick Swayze Two Years To Live


Patrick Swayze has admitted that he may only have two years to live in a revealing interview with Barbara Walters airing Wednesday night on ABC.

Patrick Swayze Slams Near Death Reports


Patrick Swayze is angry over a recent tabloid report which claimed the beloved Dirty Dancing actor was preparing for death after his pancreatic cancer spread to his liver.