Patrick Schwarzenegger in Trouble with Law Enforcement

Not only is Patrick Schwarzenegger dating Hollywood’s wild child Miley Cyrus, but apparently he has also been getting into a bit of his own trouble as well.


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The son of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver, has reportedly been involved in a car chase in Los Angeles after another driver had splashed him with some water. According to TMZ, the car chase ended with a collision.

A source from Law enforcement said, “Patrick was driving in the San Fernando Valley last week, when some guy drove up on him and threw a bottle full of water on Patrick’s car and then bolted.” It was also reported that “Patrick got pissed and started chasing the guy”. Apparently the water thrower at some point flipped a U-turn and ended up plowing into Patrick’s car.


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Although the damage to the Patrick’s car was minimal, the guy fled from the scene. Patrick, who is 21, then drove off to meet with Miley for their lunch date deciding to call the police from the restaurant. Officers took his report before deciding to open an assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

Patrick and Miley s have been dating since the summer of 2014, a source told Paris Hilton last September that, “They have been friends for a long time. They have a ton of common friends so they have run in the same circles for years. She thinks he’s hot, she thinks he’s cool. Patrick is a nice good guy. He’s grown up in Hollywood just like her and it was only a matter of time before they hooked up.”

Recently there has been seclusion that Miley’s brother, Braison who is 20, is dating Patrick’s sister Christina who is 23. The pair had recently just met this past November at Miley’s 22nd birthday bash.

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