Patrick Dempsey “Grey’s Anatomy” Slam: “Grey’s Anatomy Boring Storylines,” Patrick Dempsey Says

Patrick Dempsey has blasted his blockbuster medical drama “boring.” The former ’80’s era heart throb is rumored to blame slack storylines for the series’ sagging ratings. (That comment isn’t going to go over too well with the already pissed off television writers of America.)

“Last season was boring,” Patrick is quoted as reportedly telling an American tabloid. “It’s time for the writers to take a look at things and find some new paths for these characters. It was too repetitive for me.”

Patrick has suggested inflicting Meredith with another health scare and tossing in a fling with newcomer Nurse Rose to keep Grey’s “more interesting and compelling.”

“Meredith’s health scare would by an interesting thing to explore. Does Dr. Shepherd stand by her while she goes through that, or do they work through their problems alone?”

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