Patrick Dempsey Demanding On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Set

Enchanted star Patrick Dempsey is in the market for a new nickname-McDemanding. The Versace Men’s Spring/Summer 2008 spokesmodel has been creating havoc on the set of Grey’s Anatomy-he’s currently demanding a larger dressing room, Voss bottled water, and a menu of organic eats.

“He used to be a nice, down-to-earth guy,” an ABC snitch spills to Star Magazine.

“Now that he’s so popular, McDreamy has become really McDemanding. He’s acting like a prima donna, and the other cast members don’t like it.”

“He won’t drink any kinds of bottled water but Voss.”

The eighties-era teen heartbreaker is now lobbying for a larger trailer:

“He wants a larger air-conditioned trailer with a wide-screen TV. He wants something where he can bring his kids.”

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