Pat Sajak Tweets About Global Warming, Incites Social Media Warfare

Now for a little item we like to call “Sajak Said Wha?!!”

If you’ve been keeping up with your game show trivia, you might know Pat Sajak best as the fairy godfather who’s come bearing more than 30 years worth of consonants, vowels and brand new cars as the longtime host of TV’s Wheel of Fortune.

To social networking aficionados, however, Pat’s the guy who ignited rage across the Twitterverse Tuesday, after he suggested that “global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends.”

Eh — spoken like a true Conservative crackpot.

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, Sajak’s position made him the guest of (dis)honor at an old-fashioned online roasting. The team at Witstream — which kept a detailed account of the most hilarious reactions to Pat’s remarks — seemed to sum up the situation best, tweeting:

“I guess the main thing that surprises me about this Pat Sajak thing is that a lot of people out there actually read Pat Sajak’s tweets.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Pat is a longtime sufferer of a little known condition called “Overshare.” (Also see: Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.) In a 2011 interview with ESPN2, the TV personality confessed that he and professional letter-turner Vanna White used to get drunk off margaritas between Wheel tapings back in the early days of the show.

How ’80s of them.

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