Paris Struts at Bondi Beach

Paris Hilton at beach“Common” beach-going people were treated to a sight on Thursday when they found themselves sharing Bondi Beach in Sydney with no other than Paris Hilton herself. The presence of the hotel heiress definitely made a stir among the post-Christmas beach crowd who, in all likelihood, were not expecting to see such a celebrity as her.

To see those people – mostly the men, naturally – react would make it seem that there was a phenomenal event that was happening. The fact was that Paris Hilton didn’t really make any scene. She acted as if everything was perfectly natural. She sunbathed like the average person, took a dip in the ocean, and chatted on her mobile phone. Of course, the presence of her bodyguard and the paparazzi that dotted the beach would suggest that everything was NOT perfectly ordinary.

So what was Ms. Hilton doing Down Under a few days after Christmas? Well, she has been given the honor of choosing the model for a new Australian beer, Bondi Blonde. She will be picking out the lucky girl on New Year’s Day. The whole event was organized by John Singleton, a well known ad executive and beer lover in Australia. Ironically, Paris is not particularly known as a beer lover. That raises the question, what lured Paris into making this appearance? You think about it…

No matter what her reason for the Australian gig is, her stunt at Bondi Beach certainly made that day memorable for many. Even if you do not like her, seeing such a personality up close and personal will surely be a good story while drinking beer with your pals, won’t it?

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