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Paris kisses her mother with that mouth


/images/placeholder.gifWhen Paris Hilton does something, she does it big.
So when she talks shit, she does it to the New York Post.
When it comes back to bite her in the ass, it’s a $10 million lawsuit.

Having admitted to said recent shit-talking, Paris may have to pay big to the ex-girlfriend of her Greek ex-boyfriend. Not the ex-girlfriend of her current Greek soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, but the ex of his good friend who is also named Paris who used to be engaged to Paris. Ya get that? Whatever. My point is that Paris admitted to making up stories about this Greek chick, saying she was jealous and had a criminal record. Luckily, her family’s sorta rich and it will likely just end up a slap on her be-jeweled writs. Now that’s hot!


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